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The Architektur FilmTage Selection

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  • What Shall We Do With These Buildings?

    1 video

    “What Shall We Do With These Buildings?” is a documentary-dance film which explores the legacy of Soviet architecture in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The film was shot in September 2021, at a time when the prospect of a full-scale invasion from Russia seemed remote, but the ghost of its former rule remained...

  • Die Neue Nationalgalerie

    1 video

    The Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin is an epoch-defining structure by the architect Mies van der Rohe. It was opened in 1968, shortly after his death. Nearly 50 years later, the director Ina Weisse sets out to examine the period during which this unique edifice was constructed. She is the daughter...

  • Life, Assembled

    1 video

    A city of steel that's causing a lot of talk in the neighborhood. Japanese houses designed by their future buyers. A building site in kit form entrusted to students. In Charleroi, Liège and Brussels, three architects and a handful of utopian inhabitants will put their housing ideals into practice...

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